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A homeowner’s guide to house hunting

The Andrew Residences
The Andrew Residences

There are loads of guides available that discuss relating to the financial features of buying property, and discuss the facts of acquiring a Built to Order as opposed to a resale suite. For those of residents who have comparatively established that house hunting part and are currently deciding on which precise unit to buy, we’ve gathered this helpful guide containing of precious house hunting guidelines.

Units nearby the MRT for house hunting plan

Anyone who want to stay close to the MRT stations, you’ll have to pay a premium – easy as that. Is it truly valuable, still? Just reflect about it – the government is hostilely working on rail transit developments. Besides, 8 in 10 households by 2030, will live within 10mins of an MRT station. Captivating this into deliberation, if you can workout a little persistence, it might not make a lot of intellect to fork out the additional tens of thousands of dollars these days.

It might not be well taking a unit on a high floor

There’s a great deal of opposing ideas when it comes to either living on a low floor or high floor is more excellent. There are those who say that staying on a low floor takes you to cleaning your home regularly, since you’re nearer to the ground, where the dust and dirt gathers. Formerly, there are some who say that staying on a higher floor will guarantee a dusty home, since the air currents brings laterally more dust.

When it comes to the noise levels, there’s no agreement on either low or high floors have it the best, also. When you’re living on a low floor, you’re further prone to noise from the surrounding area and void deck; when you’re living on a high floor, you’ll be bothered by traffic noise from neighboring roads (as well as highways, if any).

Our deal with this? There are a lot significant issues to take into attention when house hunting – either it’s on a low floor or high floor shouldn’t be a thorough deal breaker.

Be on the viewpoint for signs of loan sharks action though house hunting

Buying a resale flat? It’s questionable that you’re that unlucky to have selected a unit that’s being hassled by loan sharks, nevertheless we’d countersigning doing an overall check anyhow, just to be safe. Here are a few signs that must increase red flags:

– If there’s a fixed CCTV that is well installed outside the unit
– If the main entrance looks freshly painted
– If the padlock on the door appears very new than to the gate (the owners probably have changed an older lock which was altered with)

If the house you’re viewing to buy shows any of the above signs, be certain to have a conversation with the neighbors and enquire to them if there’s been any trouble or disturbances around lately. Better safe and sure than sorry!

Check whether your resale flat has been developed

Anyone looking to buy a resale flat, be sure to check with the respective owners if your flat has been developed, or else if it’s due for upgrading. Counting on what kind of advancement works are thus far to be accomplished (this consist of the Lift Upgrading Programme, Home Improvement Programme, and a whole lot more), you probably be needing to fork out some thousands additional for when this see to ensue.

Be sure to double-check your own unit of choice before pledging

If you’re moving for SBF (Sales of Balance Flats), as a minimum, it pays to be cautious. Seemingly, the information given by HDB online isn’t totally up to date, and can be very confusing.

Here’s what we certainly mean – we have an associate who crooked up at her initial meeting with HDB, planning to pick a distinct unit that would supposedly be finalized else down the road. She wasn’t mindful that construction had preoccupied in advance, besides it was barely afterwards “locking in” her choice of unit that the HDB agent said to her she would have to gather her keys in a period of 3 months, opposing to what the HDB website directed her to believe.

Moral lesson of the story: for individuals who are purchasing an SBF flat, as soon as you’ve pointed down your selections to a choice few, call up HDB immediately and appeal to talk with an agent. You’ll want to double check that the entire details given online are correct (except your schedule is flexible, and you’re good with making expense and moving in or in due course than the specified time)!

Purchasing a home and house hunting (particularly in land-scarce Singapore) is a vast commitment – so you need to make certain you don’t hurry over the process; also take completely the time necessary to make the right choice. Likewise, make certain you’ve got your funds fixed. Best of luck!

New Development for your Consideration

New Condos normally provide a hassle free for home owners as it provide a 1 year defect liability from the day it TOP. Anything spoil or defects development will have to make do up for home owners. Some of the new condos currently on the market include Kandis Residence @ Sembawang, Moulmein 27 @ Novena and 24 One Residences.

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