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HDB inks $10.7m research collaboration with two universities

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In an offer to build better communities and improve construction productivity, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) on September 7 (Thursday) approved two new research and development contracts, each crossing three years, along with two universities with a total of $10.7 million.

A $4.7 million participation with the prestigious Nanyang Technological University Singapore to establish an astonishing Smart Integrated Construction System (SICS) plans to develop building productivity by means of smart sensors and automation.

Sponsored by the Ministry for National Development’s Research Fund, the outstanding SICS comprises of the Smart Crane System, Smart Tracking System as well as the HDB Integrated Building Information System (IBIS).

The Smart Tracking System will effectively achieve construction logistics as the supplies are elated from numerous suppliers to the construction spot, whereas the Smart Crane System will mechanize the lifting of building mechanisms on-site. The IBIS will present as the essential digital database, where industry associates in the whole construction supply chain can contribute work updates and immediate data on HDB developments from various locations through the benefit of 3D modelling.

For the meantime, the HDB endorsed a $6 million MOU (memorandum of understanding) together with the eminent Singapore University of Technology and Design intended for the research program of New Urban Kampung, which will establish progressive modelling tools to produce new housing keys that meet the growing needs of residents among changes in socio-demographic aspects.

This research creativity is part of the ‘Cities of Tomorrow’ R&D Program backed by the noted L2NIC (Land and Livability National Innovation Challenge).

Basically, it has four key objectives, that is to increase a broader understanding of HDB residents and their choices, classify new quality of life pointers that think about residents’ needs, find new means to build up community-centric designs and anticipate the effects of new HDB living initiatives.

In general, the aim of the two research partnerships is to resolve complex housing problems and needs by planning, cultivating the science on design and construction of HDB estates and towns, said Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, the chief executive of Housing Board.

“With interactive science studies and data studies, we can well comprehend our residents’ needs and varying lifestyles and their possible responses to our initiatives and plans. Smart construction solutions will as well allow us to build more effectively and accomplish better quality.”

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